Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Photo a week

Yes, I made the same resolution in 2006 but failed to keep it.... now in 2008, I'm making this same resolution again and this time I'm determined and determined to stick to it!!

Photography subjects are all around us, we just need to discover them - from the beautiful sunrise to the glorious sunset, from small household items to mega structures, from tiny ants in the kitchen to the soaring eagles in the sky, from the single mushroom in the gardens to the bountiful flora in the tropical forests, from a child's birthday party to the mega New Year's party, from an unfamiliar face in the streets to the glamour shot of a celebrity, from a simple drive to the local park to the travels to the other side of the world....

.... there is always something to be photographed and 'Kodak' moments to be frozen and kept forever....

"Take snapshots of those you love, freeze the moment so it will not run away" - KW

So look out for weekly updates!!


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