Monday, November 22, 2010

My photography journey....

While waiting for the lovely Mrs to return home for her birthday, I decided to write about the digital cameras that I have over the past few years,

My first digital camera was a gift from a friend, it was a HP Photosmart 215, a mere 1.3 megapixel camera. Now this little baby eats AA batteries for lunch! Even the highest powered lithium battery was consumed in less than 100 shots. I soon ditched it for my first pocketable digital camera - the SONY DSC-U10. This little baby was cool, but soon I outgrew it and ditched it for the SONY DSC-P2. The DSC-P2 was a 2.0 Megapixel camera and that served me well for 1 month when I decided to upgrade to the Fuji S304Z, my first SLR-like digital camera. My appetite got bigger and soon th Fuji made way for another Fuji, the S602Z. Now the S602Z was a solid performer and it kept me occupied for a long while. And during the course of having the S602Z, I learnt a lot more about digital photography and consider quite good at it.

It was then that I hunger for the superior image quality of a DSLR. I did a bit of research and decided at that time , the Olympus 4/3 system was what I wanted, and I've not looked back since... the photo quality of the E-300 was absolutely amazing. And soon, I find myself getting the entire series, E-420, E-520 and the E-620. I finally took the plunge and gotten the then flagship camera, the E-3. In between, I upgraded the lenses that I have and now with the recent purchase of the E-5, my setup is complete.

So after 8 years and $$$, I am happy with my current setup, and can safely say that I can take on a variety of subjects with certain confidence - may not be the best, but definitely something that I can be proud of...

So what next? Nothing... just continue with the journey.... :)


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