Saturday, February 26, 2005

My equipment

Here's a list of my equipment

FUJI S602Z Digital Camera (2002: S$1,250)
FUJI WL-FX9 0.79x Wide Angle Lens (2002: S$280)
FUJI TL-FX9 1.5x Telephoto Lens (2002: S$250)
FUJI 128MB SmartMedia Card (2002: S$105)
Sandisk 128MB Compact Flash Card (2001: S$125)
55mm Lens Adaptor (free)
55mm Lens Cap (2002: S$5.00)
55mm HOYA UV Filter (2002: S$15)
55mm HOYA Multi-coated circular polariser (2003: S$45)
SONY Ni-MH Battery Charger (2005: S$28.90 (previous one lost in Tsunami))
SONY 1800 mAh rechargeable AA batteries (2 sets of 4) (come w/charger)
1 cheapo Tripod (from Carrefour, only S$25.90)
1 even more cheapo Mini Tripod (from some shop in Lucky Plaza, only S$15)
HP Photosmart-130 Photo Printer (2003: S$299)
Lowepro TLZ-Mini Padded camera bag (2002: S$25)

Wah piang, spent more than S$2,500 just on equipment alone!! But hey, that was the initial 'investment', I've taken more than 3,000 pictures over the past two years.... all of which there was no processing fee nor printing costs. Well, that's the advantage of going digital... :)

Like I always say: Photographers don't go crazy, they just snap. :)


At 6:57 AM, Blogger skye said...

my costs
bus ride to cvs... $ .90
throwaway camra....$10.00
developing charge..$ 7.00
bus ride home......$ .90

Thats a total of $18.80thats almost $19 investment, ive taken
27 pictures! thats $18.80/27=0.69$ per picture for me.

for you..$2,500/3000=0.83$ per picture. I win. P.S. im just playin with you, i wish i has the $$ to buy expensive cameras but oh well P.P.S. i still win thou :D

At 2:28 PM, Blogger The Bounty Hunter said...

Haha... okay you win for now :) But I'll win in the longer run :P


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