Monday, July 20, 2009

E-620 Review

When I started my foray into the DSLR world, I knew nuts about sensors, interchangeable lens, apertures, shutter speeds etc... 4 years on since my first DSLR - the E-300, I've owned a fair share of DSLRs and have learned a lot about photography and what works and what does not work. I won't say I'm a Master but I think I qualify as some sort of an expert :P

I've got my hands on the E-620 and I'm impressed at what this little thing can do... I carry it with me everyday, ready to take snaps of things and people that caught my interest and attention. It's the best DSLR that Olympus has built to-date and it certainly stand firm to the promise of the Four Thirds standard. It is also one of the rare DSLR that has caught a lot of attention and has been getting rave reviews all over. The usual issues with the Four Thirds system such as focusing speed, high ISO noise, dynamic range all seems to go away or do very well under controlled test environments.

I scouted around the internet and scooped up some reviews from the more popular photography related websites....

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To a lot of Olympus, Mr Wrotniak appears to be the 'Guru' of the Four Thirds camera produced by Olympus, and he has never failed to deliver detailed technical reviews of the popular Four Thirds cameras and give his opinion of the camera.

Wrotniak's Review


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