Monday, July 20, 2009

The E-3

My main camera for 'serious' shots is the E-3. The E-3 is the beginning of Chapter 2 of the Four Thirds system and continues in style with it's weather sealed body, tough and extremely ergonmic body. Being the flagship camera of Olympus' Four Thirds line-up, the E-3 scores very well although it's reviews were a mixed bag mainly due to it's weight and size. When I was deciding between the E-3 and the newer E-30, the weather sealing and the ergonomics of the E-3 won me over especially both were almost at the same price!

During the recent Chiang Mai trip, I took the E-3 for trekking and it literally went through rain and shine with me... The guide was amazed that the camera was still functioning well after going through rain and after being splashed onto during the bamboo rafting journey along Chiang Mai's rivers. I'm equally pleased with the tough and ruggedness of the E-3.

Most importantly, the E-3 produces very very good results - image quality is top-notch and that, to me is what matters most!

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And of course no list of Olympus reviews is complete without Wrotniak's review

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